Top 5 places to Start Learning Game Design

Blueprint of Agency

So you wanna be a Game Designer, well woopdie doo. I have been around the block before with block heads just like you. Each and everyone a dreamer, taking up projects they don’t have the skill for. Well no more, I will make sure you have the skills you need to wedge yourself into the gaming industry, or at least the knowledge to know if you even want to be a designer. So come with me and you’ll see a land of pure gamification, with the Top 5 places to start learning game design.

Number 5: HobbygameDev

This website is a hub for all things game development. It is a combination of articles, videos, and a community willing to help you gain a better understanding of the technical side of development. The reason it is on the bottom of the list is that for first time designers it can be…

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