Welcome Aboard The Stone Village | Dead Space : Episode 1

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Welcome to our new playthrough of Dead Space. Each week there will be a post of each chapter that we play through. As always you can watch this episode here. The video will have extra little facts thrown in as we played through the chapter. April is also the one who is playing through this time and not Ace. Enjoy

The year is 2508. It is a time of great technology and deep space exploration. In this vast universe we focus on a singular starship. A planet cracker called the Ishimura. The Ishimura sent out a distress signal that was picked up by the Concordance Extraction Corporation. They gave the task of investigating this distress call to the USG Kellion. A systems engineer called Isaac Clarke joins the USG Kellion on this investigation because he has someone important to him stationed on the Ishimura. This is where the story begins.

Upon arrival to where the Ishimura is located we see that it is surrounded by debris from the planet that the Ishimura was cracking. There is some chatter been Commander Hammond and Computer Specialist Kendra. We have to say the visuals have held up quite well since the game’s release in 2008. The debris looks fairly detailed and the character models don’t look half bad.

After a couple of minutes maneuvering the debris field we are randomly hit by a piece of it. The ship members brace themselves for impact and we hit the Ishimura quite hard. When we come to it seems that we have docked but the Kellion has taken some damage. Kendra sets up our rig and we are ready to start controlling Isaac. We leave the ship and head into the Ishimura. One thing that this game is praised for is its ability to create a truly creepy atmosphere.

After the team walks into a waiting room an alarm is tripped. A Necromorph called the slasher begins attacking the rest of the team while Kendra opens a door for us to escape. A chase scene later we are given a plasma cutter as our weapon. April is faced by the first fight with a slasher. She is a lot more calm this time than all the other times she has played through this game.

The first chapter is Isaac trying to fix the tram system for Hammond and Kendra to travel through the ship. Trekking through the dark corridors with the constant fear of being ambushed. The sound design is also one of the best in the game industry. Isaac clears the tram blockage and then is tasked with getting a data board that will help kick start the tram system.

Hammond tasks us with going back to the Kellion and prep it for launch. If things went the way they were supposed to this is where the game would have ended however, The Kellion blows up and the Kendra, Hammond and Isaac are now stranded on the Ishimura. Isaac follows suit in another tram but before that we upgrade his armor. This is where the episode ends.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any comments about how these posts are done or even how our videos are done don’t hesitate to leave a comment 🙂

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