Shine The Light Into The Darkness | Quick Look : Child Of Light

Last month Child of Light was offered up as free download for all Xbox Live Gold members. LittleRocket took this as an opportunity to finally check out this highly praised game. As always you can check out a video of our playthrough here.


The story of Child of Light is based on King’s daughter called Aurora. The King’s wife passes away and the King eventually marries a second wife. On a Friday night before Easter 1895, Aurora went to sleep and her skin became as cold as ice. Everyone thought that she was dead. Aurora awakens in a mythical land called Lemuria. This is where the story begins.

Of the bat we have to say we really love the art style of the game. The surroundings and the character all have this simplistic but colorful look. Aurora herself is 3D but is styled like a 2D character so to make her not look out of place with the 2D backgrounds.


The first section of the game is spent traversing through a dark forest while Aurora is talking poetically about where she is and how she feels. Oh also the dialog in this game is supposed to rhyme like poetry. A simple puzzle of moving an object to get to higher ground is dispatched with haste. The game doesn’t seem to force you to go down one specific path. Even if you can’t completely stray from the main path it’s good that the game gave the player the freedom of movement.


After walking for a while and seeing some creatures from afar, Aurora breaks down. She just wants to wake up from her nightmare. This is when we meet Firefly. This little character can be controlled by the second player. Firefly helps Aurora by collecting little orbs that go towards things like her health or mp. One light puzzle later we find ourselves a sword and with that our first battle ensues.


The battle system is very reminiscent of old JRPGs which Child of Light gets influence from. Firefly can make the wait period longer for your foes by shinning light on them. This would help you to have two turns before your enemy even has the opportunity to fight back. Child of Light also has a skill grid where you can learn new skills from the skill points you get from battle.

We encounter different enemies as we traverse through the forest. Slowly getting tougher and also multiplying in numbers. The environments are quite varied as we go through scenery with a lots of trees to scenery completely made up of machinery.


We arrive to a large section of a building with what seems like guards protecting a glass with an angel on it. After a small puzzle we break the glass which brings the guards to life. Our first boss battle. The fight itself is as challenging as you would expect from a first boss battle in a game. This is where you see that having a second player slow down your foe really helps especially when there are multiple enemies.


After the battle is over a lady comes out of the broken glass and begins telling Aurora of the grander scheme of things. Aurora wants to wake up but she learns that for her to get back to her father there are a few things that she has to do first. The lady grants us the ability to fly before she bids us farewell. This is where this quick look ends.

Thank you for reading and thank for all the support you have given LittleRocket.

Don’t forget. Keep being awesome.

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