The Great Flood | Ori and The Blind Forest : Part 7

Welcome to another episode of probably the most beautiful game you have ever seen. Last time we arrived to what seemed like a heart of a spirit that has been ravaged by darkness. We had freed one side of the heart but had to clear the other side. As always you can watch our playthrough here.


This section of the game is all about using projectiles to thrust yourself forward and up. We are tasked with using the teleporters to direct the projectiles that are thrown by one of the creatures, to go destroy a wall that blocks us. After a few attempts of juggling the projectile we finally manage to break the wall. The passage way to the other half of the heart is open and we free it.


Thinking that this was enough and that it would be easy to leave this area we went and activated the heart (so to say). What followed was a chase section of us trying to escape the most beautiful water you have ever seen. The picture above does no justice. In motion this game is truly beautiful and we recommend you at-least watch someone playing the game.

The chase involved using double jumps, wall climbs and projectiles to get as far away from the water as possible. It did take quite a bit of time as one mistake would get Ori killed. After what seemed like 10 years we finally managed to get out of the water’s death path and surface from this underground area.


Our rest is disturbed by the big bad who instantly decides she wants to kill us. We get knocked off a cliff and start plummeting to the ground. Kuro (big bad) even flew after us to make sure we would die. To our luck a previous foe turned friend aids us to make sure we didn’t meet our end. This is where the episode ends.

Thank you very much for reading and supporting us.

Don’t forget Keep being awesome.


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