The Waters Have Cleared | Ori and The Blind Forest

After what seemed like a heated battle between the great floods in the previous video which you can check out here. We are now frolicking in our results. You can check out the new playthrough here.


We were saved by a good friend of ours and we are told we need to go free the next elemental spirit. Straight away we found out that we can finally swim in the waters. The water has changed from its usual red color to a clear light blue. The waters might look appetizing but there are dangerous fish that attack you in there.

water again

At this point we aren’t too sure what we have to do exactly but decide to go for a swim. This under water world is as beautiful as the world above it. Little bubbles float around the lush greenery.


This section of the game demanded a balance of curiosity and managing your breath as you swim around dodging fish and attempting to not get crushed by moving platforms. We have said this before in previous episodes but if you haven’t heard the soundtrack for this game please do check it out.


There is a real sense of skill progression as some of the enemies that used to take quite a few hits to kill now only take a few. Speaking of skills we gain ourselves a new super stomp which will help us destroy weak platforms.

proper kill

An enemy who we have been unable to defeat from the very beginning of the game is now small fry compared to our super stomp. The stomp effectively breaks the raging rhino/ armadillo armor which allows us to use our normal attack to defeat him. We were then able to return to a area we couldn’t access because of this enemy. This is where this episode ends.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for all the support you have given us. We hope to see you in our next blog post.

Don’t forget. Keep being awesome


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