Back To Where We Started | Ori and The Blind Forest : Part 9

Welcome to another playthrough post of this great game. As always you can watch and not read the playthrough here.

As we have progressed through the game we have noticed that the game is doing a lot less hand holding. Just this playthrough part took 48 minutes to do just because we had to figure out what what we had to do.


This part of the game for our little character to advance any further we had to manipulate the water levels. This allowed us to then stomp some of the weaker platforms.


We encountered some of the older enemies as we made our way to the next way point. If you guys have ever played the newer rayman games you know that those games have a lot of hidden areas with little goodies.


We ran through some areas and we encountered some hidden traps in the form of moving walls. This game is very unforgiving and if you don’t save you will surely get frustrated at the game and yourself.


We are back to the dark woods heading for the large tree which talked to us many playthroughs ago. This is where this part ends.

Thank you for reading the post and for all of your support.

Don’t forget. Keep being awesome


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