The Chase Begins | Grounded Part 2

Welcome to the next part to the Grounded playthrough. As always you can watch the playthrough here.


We are tasked with trying to find some things that will help with the wounded man that we found when we got to the ICU. We search and search most of the hospital and we encounter a body. This is the janitor of the hospital. He had died of his injuries from being crushed by debris, but the question is why is his body here? A place with no debris ?


The key that we find helps us open a jammed cabinet in the ICU which has some supplies that we need. After walking around we find all of the necessary things to go treat our mysterious man. It isn’t over though we need to get him some water.


We quickly find some water and return to him. Unfortunately he is not alone anymore. There is a creepy figure watching over him. We walk towards him and our character realizes that this is a bad situation and a chase ensues.


We find refuge under our bed and our pursuer retreats. It seems that the main character’s step father is also at the hospital and he also murdered her whole family. This is where we ended this part.

Thank you very much for reading and for all the support.

Don’t forget. Keep being awesome

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