STARS | Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Welcome everyone to this week’s Quick Look. We are playing what I (Ace) personally feel is the best resident evil game to date. As always you can watch the playthrough here.

hard mode

Straight off the bat this game isn’t playing fair. There is no normal mode just hard and easy. Not to be seen as a wuss we put it on hard mode.


(Is that Jeff my neighbor?)

The opening cinematic tells us about Raccoon city was under the control of Umbrella. Things went wrong and a virus they had made ravaged the city. A lot of police and special forces were called in to no avail. It seems that these zombies are just too awesome for anyone to handle.


We are blown through some front doors and straight into the action. We had forgotten the controls of this game and just how awkward they were. We are surrounded by zombies so we narrowly escape and enter a warehouse. There is a angry father who lost his daughter who doesn’t seem to listen to reason.

alive dude

We walk around looking for some things we could use and we find the warehouse key. There is a large box with things like ammo. We leave the warehouse and venture back out into the streets of Raccoon City. Horror games may have come a long way but this play dead trick is still being used today.

eating alive

The city does really seem like it is going to hell cause some people are being eaten alive on the streets. We see someone fighting off some zombies and we decide to follow him. We find ourselves in a bar.

eaten again

Jill to the rescue. Even if we are too late. The guy is having chunks taken out of him by one of the zombies. We tag team together to get rid of the zombie. After talking to him for awhile he warns us that there is someone hunting STARS members.


Back to the streets we go. Hard mode is really taking its toll on us. We find some oil in a down alley that we need to use on a gate that has some wire on it. We had to fight some more zombies just to get some time to open the gate.We eventually got the lighter to work and opened the gate.


We got attacked by the infamous zombie dogs. After dealing with them and restocking on some ammo we soldiered on. We finally get to the police station where the star of the show appears.


Nemesis himself. The fight begins and we empty clips upon clips. Luckily we have our trusty dodge and roll. He seems to grab us a lot. If you allow him to grab you for long enough he will kill you instantly with his tentacle hand. After some time we do defeat him and enter the police station. This is where we end the episode.

Thank you for reading and for all of the support.

Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome

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