We Aren’t Afraid Of You Kuro | Ori and The Blind Forest : Part 10

Welcome everyone to our next episode of the Ori and The Blind Forest playthrough. As always you can watch this episode here.


As we run through the beautiful environments that we first saw at the beginning of the game. Instead of feeling frustration for backtracking it is actually nice to see these environments again. A lot of the enemies that we faced before are now considerably weaker than before. This just helps to show the character progression. We also drop by to say hello to the great tree.


We travel west this time to the door we couldn’t open the last time. We are immediately faced with a new enemy. The new enemy seems like a smaller version of the great owl Kuro. Their sweeping attacks are quite difficult to deal with. There are many little areas you can explore to get extra life for example.


Surfing the air is still as awesome as we thought it would be. We are slowly heading towards the Misty Woods. Unfortunately for us we have a great obstacle in our way. Ignoring the warning we are given by our little spirit partner quickly results in our death. Kuro won’t let take a single step towards the Misty Woods. We turn back to find another way to get to the Misty Woods.

bird damage

We eventually find another path to the Misty Woods which would hopefully get past Kuro. We have to drop some large boulders on her head in an attempt to get her to leave. It felt great watching Kuro flee after we unleashed the boulders on her.


This opened up the path ahead for us. We get a feather that fell from the beast and now we can glide through the air like a boss. This is where this episode of Ori and The Blind Forest ends.

Thank you for reading and for all your support.

Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome.


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