He’s Not Breathing | Grounded : Part 3

Welcome everyone to the next episode of Grounded. As always you can watch the episode here.

not breathing

After the great chase that was in the previous episode we hid in our room. The chase ended and now we heard back to the ICU to check up on the man we were helping. Upon arriving there we pick up a staff room key but we find out that the injured man died. We don’t know if he died of his injuries or if he was killed by our stepfather.


Most of this episode is about fetch things to find a way to get the East Wing key. We end up finding our way to the staff lounge. We pick up a paperclip which we need to use to access one of the rooms in the dorms. We use the paperclip to unlock the door and we get some information about what happened to the hospital. The hospital collapsed and the outside world is trying to dig us out.

janitors room

We then go to the vault with the passcode which we were given by the walkthrough guide as we couldn’t get one of the puzzles to start. We get money from the vault, we have no idea what this money will be useful for. The janitor’s note we found earlier in the playthrough said that we need to get a string and a magnet.

east wing

We find the string in one of the rooms near the rest room and the magnet in the staff kitchen. We put these two items together and go searching for this sink that apparently has the East Wing key. We eventually find the key in the female staff toilets. We finally make our way to the East Wing.


After walking around the even more creepy area we find a girl who doesn’t seem to want to talk to us. She doesn’t seem injured. We also somehow managed to break the game somehow as our character could walk of the map. This is where we end this episode.

Thank you for reading this episode and thank you for all of the support.

Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome

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