Late Night Swim | Life is Strange Episode 3 : Part 1

Welcome to our playthrough of Life is Strange Episode 3. This playthrough is going to be split into two parts. As always you can watch the playthrough at the bottom of the post. Please do check out the previous two episodes if you haven’t already watched them as this post contains spoilers. You can check them out here.

After a quick recap of what happened in the last two episodes this episode begins during what seems like the evening of the Kate incident. The one thing that we like about this game is how well it creates an atmosphere with its scenes. The music is well selected to fit the mood and the visuals compliment it. Max gets a text from Chloe. It seems like they want to break into the school to see if they can find out any clues about what happened to Rachel.


It seems like the suicide attempt by Kate really hit everyone really hard. Everyone’s door plaque has a message hoping that Kate will come out of this ordeal fine. Max even points out the level of hypocrisy that is going on as a lot of the students wishing Kate well, are the ones who put her in this situation in the first place.


We start snooping around looking for some clues on what happened to Kate in Victoria’s room. We find out that Victoria and her friends are going drinking, Victoria is also a closet geek. We leave the dorms to the outside world. A beautiful night indeed. There is a bench for us to sit on and think about what happened. Simple game design mechanics like this really show that the developers aren’t afraid to let us just chill.


We hear what seems to be the voice of the principle. He is complaining at some door he cannot open. He seems to be drunk and we try to sneak past him but he catches us. We have to find a way around him and after awhile we figure out that if we rewind time to when he is complaining at the door we are able to just walk past him.


We make it to the front entrance to meet Chloe. Before we are able to make our break in, Victoria and Mr Jefferson are leaving the school. We over hear what their saying and it seems as though Mr Jefferson and Victoria are doing something a teacher and student should not be doing. She is also trying to bribe him to let her win the photo competition. The bribe turns into a threat and the conversation ends on a sour note.


We get into the school and get stuck at the principles office. It is locked and we have to get some help from Warren about making a makeshift door explosive. We go fetch the key ingredients needed for it in the school and return with our makeshift explosive. Door goes BOOM and alarm goes WAAA.


We make our way into the room and rewind time to then unlock the door from the inside. The game is certainly becoming smarter with the use of Max’s power. We look around the office finding files on all of the main students of Blackwell. The files tell us that Nathan’s family really has a hand in Blackwell and that there isn’t much information about Rachel apart from a cryptic message. Before we leave we are faced with a moral issue of stealing the handicapped fund to pay back Frank. We decide to leave the money.


Instead of leaving the school we end up going to the swimming pool. We take a nice stroll through the changing rooms of both genders. There are many little graffiti messages and doodles everywhere. After switching on the lights both of the characters decide to jump into the pool and just have a good talk.


Things instantly turn bad when the security guards enter the swimming pool and we now we have to play a game of hide and seek. Life is Strange just turned into a stealth game. We narrowly escape to outside and flee the scene in Chloe’s car.

1 episode 3

We flee to Chloe’s house and spend the night. We wake in the morning and there is more talk between the two characters. This is where this part ends.

Thank you reading and thank you for all of the support.

Don’t forget. Keep being awesome

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