Nicole Is That You ? | Dead Space : Part 3

Welcome everyone to this week’s Dead Space episode. You can watch the episode at the bottom of the post. Enjoy.


Isaac is tasked with refueling the main engine and fix the Ishimura’s gravity problem as it is being dragged down by the debris. We pick up a audio file. It seems as though the ship slowly fell into chaos as the infection started to spread.We make our way across what seems to be a large engineering space. We moved a few switches and the engine started to be refueled.


We now take Isaac towards gravity centrifuge.We encounter the bird type of necromorph that infects dead bodies. The bodies they infect end up being stronger than the usual slasher. After upgrading our weapons and getting the flame thrower we soldier on. We get stuck in a room as the ship’s A.I complains about contamination (referring to the necromorphs)


There is a creature that has been making large noises from a distance. It has made some holes in a wall where it had pulled a previous victim. We enter the gravity centrifuge room and start clearing the rom so that we can re engage the artificial gravity. We attach the generator modules and this creates a vacuum and there is a large rotating structure going around that could kill us.


We manage to leave and are instantly attacked by the tentacle monster. After shooting its weak points it lets us go and dies. We continue on to the fuel storage. After a battle out in space we make our way to what you would think is the loudest room you have ever heard.


After the loud room we see just how much the ship has been affected by the infection. The walls and doors are covered in whatever this organic life form is. We make it to the central computer that controls the refueling. We take a stand as the computer goes through the process of setting things up. Eventually the engines are fired and the ship is now moving away from the planet it cracked.


We make our way back to the tram and someone sounding like Nicole is trying to communicate to us via the radio. The question is how would she know that Isaac is even on the ship. We smell sabotage. We make it to the tram and that is where the episode ends.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all the support
Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome

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