The Wild Hunt Begins | Quick Look : The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Welcome everyone to this week’s quick look. Today we are playing the ever popular Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. As always you can watch the playthrough at the bottom of this post. As warning as the quick look does contain some nudity.

quick look

The opening cut scene begins. In a gritty animated comic a man narrates with his deep voice, the origin of magic and the monsters. He also tells us of the origin of the Witchers. It seems that society thinks of Witchers as monsters.


We are greeted with another cutscene right after selecting our difficulty setting. Geralt is following the tracks of Yennefer who seems to have crossed countless battlegrounds and has left a trail for them to follow.We then see Geralt sleeping and we enter his dream.


The game blesses us with almost seeing Geralt in all of his glory. Same with his lady friend Yennefer. After making ourselves presentable we leave to go train Ciri as she was left in the hands of Vesemir. This game looks as amazing as the trailers showed.


After playing around a little with the controls we head downstairs and find Vesemir sleeping and Ciri training outside. We end up going down there to give some training advice. After a lovely cutscene showing us just how skilled young Ciri is we follow her down to the training area.


Ciri seems to be quite trouble maker. She pays for it because everyone else gets to train with someone and she trains alone with a dummy. The game takes us through the fight system of the game. Many buttons to remember but we manage.


The training ends with some sort of vision showing Geralt unable to save Ciri as she is killed by the Wild Hunt. He awakens from the dream and we are given the opportunity to fight some real enemies in the form of Ghouls. They are nimble fast creatures but, they weren’t nimble enough to stand up against our silver sword.


A nice horse ride through the great terrain is made even better by the chatter between Geralt and Vesemir. We pass a burnt down house and a family grieving. We don’t seem welcome here so we continue on.


There is a man who is in need of some help as he seems to have been attacked by a Griffin. Vesemir is slightly wounded in the battle but the Griffin leaves with a horse it had started eating. The man we saved helped us by telling us that a nearby owned by his cousin could have some information about Yennefer.


When we arrive we are greeted with faces of disgust because of who we are. The man’s cousin offers us food and drink on the house and we start talking to some of the people in the Inn. A lot of them hate us so we end up having to use our powers of persuasion to get information. After talking to drunks, a wise scholar and knights we find a very observant merchant.


After talking to him he tells us that we should go to the Garrison as they might have the information we need. On our way out we learn that some people hate our presence so much that they pick a fight with us. A hand to hand fight ensues but the thugs are quickly dispatched. This is where the quick look ends.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all your support

Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome


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