Ori and The Spooky Forest : Part 11

Welcome everything to another playthrough of Ori and the blind forest. In this episode we make our way through the creepiest forest you have ever seen. It’s a short one. As always you can watch this episode at the bottom of the post. Enjoy


Last time we entered this crazy forest that seems to be alive and moving. We find a shrouded lantern which we need to bring the light to. This will clear this fog from the forest. The woods certainly has many ways to kill Ori.

changing forest

The use of our skills is getting more and more complicated. The game demands more precision. Luckily the game has one of the tightest controls in a game we have ever played. After going through a fun projectile section The forest ends up forcibly changing itself. All of the environments change and new pathways prop up.


We set our eyes on a torch which we need to carry to the shrouded lantern. We have to make our way to it but first we get a new wall climb ability. This is where this episode ends.

Thank you so much reading and for all of your support.
Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome

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