Nau Uh | Threopods Playthrough

Ever wondered what it’s like to try to survive with dangerous dinosaurs all around you. Well you have the opportunity to experience it yourself in this awesome short point and click game. As always the playthrough is at the bottom of this post and here is the link to where you can play the game yourself.

scared friend

Two people gather around a camp fire. When a Velociraptor ( if we get the dinosaur names wrong please correct us lol) decides it wants to rest with us too. After chasing off our friend we are left alone to fend off another one. Luckily our player is agile and we use the environments around us to set the Velociraptor’s tail on fire. Which it then flees the scene.


We begin tracking our friend picking up random things along the way that might come in handy. When we see the blood on the trail we fear that it is our friend but, our fears are put to rest when we see it was actually another dinosaur that was eaten.


We get to a place with a raging Triceratops, a bee hive and some smaller dinosaur that doesn’t want to share whatever the hell it is eating. After looking around we make a slingshot and aim it towards the Triceratops which makes it run away. This gives us the opportunity to move further.


We find our friend who seems to be in the Triceratops’s nest. There is even a baby in there. The triceratops returns and won’t let us rescue our friend. After some trickery we manage to get the Triceratops to fall down into the nest unfortunately killing it. What of the child?


Luckily we were kind enough to adopt the baby Triceratops and rested back at our camp fire. Our rest is disturbed once again with the emergence of an even bigger foe. Mr T-rex. This is where the game ends and where the playthrough ends.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all the support.

Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome

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