Mushroom Kingdom | Ori and The Blind Forest 12

Welcome to another episode of Ori and The Blind Forest. As always you can watch this episode at the bottom of this post.


Last episode we got ourselves a new grabbing power which now lets us grab on to walls. We use this power to grab onto some of the organic looking platforms making our way to the lantern.

changing forest

The current area is all about timing the jumps correctly. Every time you jump the platforms either disappear or appear. We are collecting shards that we can use later on. The forest keeps changing to give us a new path.

jumping things

After fighting off some jumpy worms we manage to get a door open to where the lantern is. Luckily the game helped us get close to where we have to place the lantern.


We place the lantern and the mist that was in the forest cleared. We also received the Seal to the ruins. We leave the forest and head south to colder weather.


We arrive at the Forlon ruins which are now the resting place of the Gumo. It is a sad site to behold and the game does so well at setting the somber mood. This is where the episode ends.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all your support.

Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome

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