Make Babies Not War | Quick Look : Massive Chalice

Welcome to this week’s quick look. Today LittleRocket is going to play the kickstarter success Massive Chalice. This unit tactic-based strategy game is quite hard as we learnt in this quick look, but it does have some stellar voice acting. As always you can watch this quick look at the bottom of this post.


The game begins by letting you pick 5 houses for your Vanguard. The opening cut-scene explains that we are an immortal ruler. The Cadence (the bad guys) start attack the land and heroes must go and fight them. Just as we are getting the introduction the Cadence attack. Our heroes leave for the battle ground. The character we play as is made from a human blood line but is bound to the chalice. This means we can never leave the throne and must command our soldiers from there.


The game throws us into battle. It gives us a few pointers on how the game works and sends us on our way. The game plays in kind of the same fashion you would expect from this type of game. Your fighters can move a certain distance which can take the fighter’s turn.


We ran into a first group of enemies. It has been awhile since we have played this type of game so we are quite rusty. So rusty in fact that we lose two of our fighters. There is a nice variety of different enemies to keep the battle challenging and interesting. Eventually the battle is won.


After the fight we get a cut scene showing the map. The outskirts are covered in yellow. This yellow is the Cadence. Our narrators explain that the Chalice can cleanse the whole map of the Cadence, but they need time to charge up this attack. That is where we come in. We have to defend the capital until they are ready. The fight that we won gave us some land that we could use to raise a keep. The keep needs a regent and a partner. The regent and partner will bar children creating a lineage of new fighters.


We are taken back to the capital for more duties to attend to. We can build keeps and research things here. We decide to build a new keep. This would take several years. We can fast forward time to make the wait shorter. Any important events like war and child birth will bring our time back to normal.

character selection

After some time the Cadence appear on the outer region of the map. There are attacking two regions so we have to pick. Once we pick we get pick we have to decide which fighters are going to the battlefield. This is where you must bring together a balanced team. Once we picked we are thrown into the battle.


This time we make sure to keep the team together. Once we run into the enemy they prove more challenging than the previous battle. One blows up when you are close to it and the other attacks from afar. A few mistakes cost us the battle. Losing the fight lets the Cadence spread through the region. This is where this quick look ends.

Thank you for reading and for all of your support.

Don’t forget. Keep Being Awesome

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