E3 “the gaming Mecca”: Day 0


E3 began yesterday (CET) with a power packed schedule of a day. The usuals were all in attendance with Microsoft appearing and displaying their own work first & of course Sony’s Playstation there as the other powerhouse in the gaming/entertainment field.

mslogoWith so much to go through, here’s a list of titles that Microsoft showed at their press conference:

Before we begin on the games; the most important news from Microsoft was arguably this —

  • Xbox One will finally have BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY
  • not only that but it will allow MULTIPLAYER WITH XBOX 360 GAMES ON THE XBOX ONE
  • And finally Elite accessories (if you are a pro gamer this is heaven to you. your fighting stick is now the Xbox Elite Pad)

First out the Xbox was Halo 5: Guardians, which housed a gameplay display with Halo5_KeyArt_Horiz_Finalspartan Locke’s squad. New game mechanics like in game reviving of squad members, air melee kills, some new weapons and a return of the Prometheans. To top it off a new game mode called warren where anything goes. From assault rifles to pelicans. Fight, win and survive the warden. The warden mode is a 24 vs 24 battle (24 players and 24 AI opponents.)

Recore was then given is first breath of life with a demo gameplay trailer being shown from the makers of Metroid Prime and Keiji InafunerecoreThe game appears to focus of a journey between a female protagonist (oh yeah. not a guy for once) and her faithful companion to go somewhere… we don’t know but we will give all the info as it arrives.

Bethesda made a showing (makers of the Fall Out series) with a display of how Microsoft feel PC should link to console. Bethesda verified that with their new upcoming release, Fall Out 4, modifications (mods) made on the PC version can be transferred over to the Xbox One system.

ea early accesspvzgw2-logo

EA also came to the stage to show their EA access which allows early access to titles for a set amount of time and surprised us with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Next on the menu was show off time with titles like FORZA MOTORSPORT 6DARK SOULS 3, THE DIVISION exclusive Xbox beta, Rainbow 6: SiegeDAY Z xbox versionRISE Of THE TOMB RAIDERGEARS OF WAR ULTIMATE EDITIONSPEEDRUNNERS XBOX VERSION  and a host of indie titles as included within the Xbox family ethos (Yeah. They meant business.)

gears 4The Coalition made a showing with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition as mentioned before but as the makers  of the Gears Series they did not leave without dropping the rumoured Gears 4. With a new story The Coalition have began to continue the franchise; as the information comes we will inform you on the latest on this game.

The real icing on the cake was Microsofts hardware as they showed off their Oculus tech but more importantly went the step further and introduced the power of the Holo Lens in real time. Not much to be said just enjoy:

All in all a good showing by the Microsoft team in their press conference showing, with the boast of their ‘biggest’ year line up to date with this year’s releases including: Tomb Raider, Gears of War 4, Fable and Halo 5

look out for the other posts on Ubisoft, EA and of course Playstation

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Photography Class | A fragment of Her : Part 2

Welcome to another episode of A Fragment of Her. There will only be one more part after this one and that will be it. As always you can watch the episode at the bottom of this post.


Last episode Selina went home to get her bank code so that she can buy a camera. We look around her flat for the code and we find it in her one of her jacket. The next day we go to the library to use the camera but we don’t know how to use it. With some guidance from Tomoko, we look around for books that teach us the basics.


After reading the book we start taking photos. We take a photo of every artwork that Seligmann has done and go home. Once we arrive we begin drawing using his artwork as a reference point. This is when Selina realises that Seligmann’s style really isn’t as good as he thinks it is. They all have similar themes and seem very one-dimensional. Selina also realises her own mistakes and style. She feels there is a dark side of her that controls how her artwork turns out.


After finishing the artwork we take it to class for the next review. The review goes a little different from last time. This time we have to say what we think we have improved on. He agrees with us that our brushwork has improved but that is where the compliments end. Seligmann goes off on one, complaining that we have mocked his excellent style. He threatens us and says if we fail to impress one more time he will kick us out of the class.


After this terrible experience we go and talk to Tomoko. As usual he cheers us up and advises us to look for the other book that his girlfriend had. We try talking to the blond student but he ignores us again. Tomoko then informs us that the school has a group of students who refuse to talk to other students who are not in the group. There is a secret passcode you say to a student and if they recognize it they will talk to you. This is where the episode ends.

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Make Babies Not War | Quick Look : Massive Chalice

Welcome to this week’s quick look. Today LittleRocket is going to play the kickstarter success Massive Chalice. This unit tactic-based strategy game is quite hard as we learnt in this quick look, but it does have some stellar voice acting. As always you can watch this quick look at the bottom of this post.


The game begins by letting you pick 5 houses for your Vanguard. The opening cut-scene explains that we are an immortal ruler. The Cadence (the bad guys) start attack the land and heroes must go and fight them. Just as we are getting the introduction the Cadence attack. Our heroes leave for the battle ground. The character we play as is made from a human blood line but is bound to the chalice. This means we can never leave the throne and must command our soldiers from there.


The game throws us into battle. It gives us a few pointers on how the game works and sends us on our way. The game plays in kind of the same fashion you would expect from this type of game. Your fighters can move a certain distance which can take the fighter’s turn.


We ran into a first group of enemies. It has been awhile since we have played this type of game so we are quite rusty. So rusty in fact that we lose two of our fighters. There is a nice variety of different enemies to keep the battle challenging and interesting. Eventually the battle is won.


After the fight we get a cut scene showing the map. The outskirts are covered in yellow. This yellow is the Cadence. Our narrators explain that the Chalice can cleanse the whole map of the Cadence, but they need time to charge up this attack. That is where we come in. We have to defend the capital until they are ready. The fight that we won gave us some land that we could use to raise a keep. The keep needs a regent and a partner. The regent and partner will bar children creating a lineage of new fighters.


We are taken back to the capital for more duties to attend to. We can build keeps and research things here. We decide to build a new keep. This would take several years. We can fast forward time to make the wait shorter. Any important events like war and child birth will bring our time back to normal.

character selection

After some time the Cadence appear on the outer region of the map. There are attacking two regions so we have to pick. Once we pick we get pick we have to decide which fighters are going to the battlefield. This is where you must bring together a balanced team. Once we picked we are thrown into the battle.


This time we make sure to keep the team together. Once we run into the enemy they prove more challenging than the previous battle. One blows up when you are close to it and the other attacks from afar. A few mistakes cost us the battle. Losing the fight lets the Cadence spread through the region. This is where this quick look ends.

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Your Inner Artist | A Fragment of Her : Part 1

Welcome to a new playthrough of A Fragment of Her. This is a point and click adventure game about an art student called Selina. Selina decided to go study under her favorite artist. As always you can watch this playthrough at the bottom of this post. Also you can go download the game here.


The game begins in what seems like a waiting room for admission to the university. We click on a few painting on the wall and Selina gives us some commentary on what she thinks. We approach the secretary and she angrily tells us we should sit and wait. When we sit down, professor Seligmann (Selina’s favorite artist) comes into the room.

argue with selig

He comes in and seems quite full of himself. He asks for each of the other student’s paintings and gives quite harsh criticism. He finally gets to us and it seems he likes our painting at first. Our fate ends up being the same as everyone else’s. Selina doesn’t go down without a fight though. We manage to persuade him to allow us into his class.


The next day we start our lesson. All of classes will be held in the library. Seligmann explains that each week Selina must improve her art from the previous week. If she doesn’t improve she will be kicked out of the class. Seligmann seems to love woman’s body parts.


Selina is worried about how she is going to manage each week. She decided that it would be a good idea to get some help from the other students in her class. Unfortunately they don’t want to talk to her at all. We decide to talk to a student siting by the window. His name is Tomoko and he is quite happy to talk to us. He tells us to not worry about the other students but also he somewhat gives us a slight warning to be careful around Seligmann.

tomoko again

Tomoko tells us that there are some books we can use to help improve our art. His last roommate had two books. He could not remember the names so we end up having to look for them. We make Selina look around and get some names of a few books. When we had looked everywhere we went back to talk to Tomoko about the names we found. After some discussion we find one of the books we need and find out that the other in out on loan.


Selina gets the book and goes home. When she gets home she goes to her canvas and begins drawing her piece for the week. The book seems to have helped her understand more about art and what she needs to do. We also find out that Selina has nightmares, not really sure about what though.


We finish up the painting and take it to class. We give our painting to Seligmann. He finds our painting dark and creepy. He says that our painting feels like it goes under a person’s skin. His last words are to remember to consider the viewer. Selina seems quite down about the review. We go talk to Tomoko and he cheers us up some. Tomoko tells us that since Seligmann says art should consider the viewer, we should paint something that Seligmann likes. We come to the conclusion that we should try to study Seligmann’s style.


To study the paintings we need to buy a camera and take photos of the art. We go home to get our bank card passcode to buy the camera. This is where the episode ends.

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Are We Killers?| Ori and The Blind Forest : Part 13

Welcome to another episode of Ori and The Blind Forest. In the last episode we found our way into the ruins. So this episode we explore and find out what we are here for. As always the video is at the bottom of the playthrough.

orb bounce

The ruins might look beautiful but they are also dangerous. The platforms are heated and we cannot walk or touch them. We bump into a red orb which was used by the Gumon. This orb allows us to walk on those surfaces we could not but, we have to be holding the orb.

orb placement

It also locks Ori to the ground. What might seem like upside down to the player is actually normal using this orb. After dodging some death rays we finally make it to where we are to place the orb.


This whole time our friend Gumo had been following us and is now inside the ruins with us. Sein wonders if Gumo would forgive us if he know that we caused for his species to die off. This is where the story is starting to not seem so straight forward.

Gumo Steal

We keep going and we find where we need to activate the element of the winds. As we activated them, Gumo  took the orb we had placed earlier. We aren’t too sure why at this point. We must now escape the ruins.


Just like the Ginso tree we have to escape this place in one go.The whole place is coming down and quite frankly it looks astounding. Environmental hazards are the main killer here. After sometime we manage to escape but…..

kuro nest

We find ourselves at Kuro’s nest. What awaits our young savior. You will have to wait till next time as this is where the episode ends.

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The Doctor Is the Real Hero | Grounded Final Episode

Welcome to the last episode of Grounded. This is where it all ends. As always you can watch this playthrough at the bottom of this post.


In the last episode we managed to get the girl to join our party. We begin by looking at the poster as it is said to have the numbers for the passcode. After playing around a little we manage to get the passcode and get into the security room. There is a small hole in there that the little girl can squeeze through. The game switched our controllable character to the girl and we entered the hole.

new area

The hole lead to some vents. This would allow us to travel to places we couldn’t before. Eventually we managed to find our way out of the vents and out to a new area. The area seems to have a puzzle. We have to collect some things to catch a fly and put it in a Venus Fly Trap. After getting a bottle and filling it with honey we go and get a fly from the restroom.


We take the trapped fly to the trap and put it in. The trap then gave us a key to the boiler room. In the boiler room there were some switches that activated something. The game didn’t make it that apparent at first. This was actually changing the temperature in a specific room. There is a mirror that had a passcode written on it which could only be seen if the temperature was at a certain level.

girl gets taken

The code allowed us to turn off the electricity in that kitchen from the previous episode which we couldn’t touch. Unfortunately this is where the girl was going to get taken by our step-father. The game switched back to the main character. Now off to search for that kitchen.


When we get to the kitchen we find a rope. The rope is to be used to go down the elevator doors to get further down the building. The rope snaps while we are using it but luckily our character does not get hurt from the fall. The new level we are is as creepy as the other levels. After walking around a little we have to go to the morgue.

blocked door

In the morgue we find a safe with the emergency exit key and the central area key. Upon trying to leave our step-father appears in the area and starts making his way to us. We have to get some planks of wood and barricade the door so that he cannot get to us.


This is the final chase. Leaving the room we have to run to the exit now, our step-father chasing us all the way. Making a small mistake would mean certain death. We somehow manage to escape his clutches and leave the hospital. We lock the exit behind us leaving our step-father in there. The hospital starts collapsing and the game gives us the option to give him the key so that he can escape or leave him to die in there.


The two choices reveal interesting information about the story. Leaving him revealed that there was a doctor looking for us. It revealed that our main character had schizophrenia and that the person who we thought was our step-father was actually the doctor just trying to get us to leave. He rescued the other girl and was trying to get us out. So leaving him to die was the bad ending.


Giving him the key revealed that there was an earthquake that is why the hospital was collapsing. The main character had PTSD from her step-father’s abuse many years ago. That is why she saw the doctor as her step-father. That is where the game ends and where our playthrough ends as-well.

Thank you for joining us on this playthrough and for all of your support, we really appreciate it.

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Mushroom Kingdom | Ori and The Blind Forest 12

Welcome to another episode of Ori and The Blind Forest. As always you can watch this episode at the bottom of this post.


Last episode we got ourselves a new grabbing power which now lets us grab on to walls. We use this power to grab onto some of the organic looking platforms making our way to the lantern.

changing forest

The current area is all about timing the jumps correctly. Every time you jump the platforms either disappear or appear. We are collecting shards that we can use later on. The forest keeps changing to give us a new path.

jumping things

After fighting off some jumpy worms we manage to get a door open to where the lantern is. Luckily the game helped us get close to where we have to place the lantern.


We place the lantern and the mist that was in the forest cleared. We also received the Seal to the ruins. We leave the forest and head south to colder weather.


We arrive at the Forlon ruins which are now the resting place of the Gumo. It is a sad site to behold and the game does so well at setting the somber mood. This is where the episode ends.

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