Quantum Break is AWESOME (opinion)

Yeah, yeah the game got mixed reviews. Some liked it, some disliked it and apparently not many loved it. I think a review said it perfectly by saying “There is nothing like it and there probably won’t be again”. Here is why:

Art direction

quantum pic 1

The art direction is great but not because the characters and environments look detailed. It’s because of the effects that are applied to them. For example when a fracture happens (time literally breaks ) everything becomes well… broken. Lets just say the pictures do it no justice. In motion everything looks pretty crazy. We really wonder how Remedy managed to create this effect.

Sound design

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 19.43.44


Now we think the sound design of this game greatly complements the art direction. The way the sound clipped and cracks when you use your dash power. The bass drops that accompany your time freeze bubble. There is this crazy scene where a massive broken ship comes down on the main character. A time fracture happens which creates a volatile environment of breaking metal that reverses back and forth on your path. The sounds you hear in this scene are just ear melting. Watch the scene here

TV Show

Now leading up to the release we were confused on how they were going to tie a game and a tv show together. The show itself is actually pretty interesting. The style we feel has this modern feel like what you would expect from shows like person of interest. If you take it as seriously as it asks you to, we feel you would enjoy it.

These are just a few points we feel makes this game worth while to check out. You can find our playthrough here. Thanks for reading and keep being awesome

Lost Planet 3 Studio Spark Unlimited Ceases Game Development Operations


It is a sad sad time in the gaming industry when one of it’s parts decide to close down but that is the unfortunate case for Spark Unlimited.

According to a report from Polygon, Spark Unlimited, the studio behind Lost Planet 3, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, and Call of Duty: Finest Hour, has laid off all of its employees and is no longer developing video games.

The studio’s chief technical officer John Butrovich told Polygon, “it’s the end of Spark as a game developer.” Butrovich also said that the important members of the team declined to move on to other things and that all of the company’s games, including a free-to-play title, were canceled, leading to the shutdown.

We can only hope the people affected by this decision move onto better things

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Did you say virtual reality?

MorpheusOfficial - Sony VR

Sony has provided some updated details about its virtual reality product, Project Morpheus. According to managing editor Matt Bertz, who is at the briefing, the image you see above is a near-final version of what the head-mounted display will look like when it arrives.

Hopefully we aren’t the only ones looking forward to this (hopefully decent attempt) at the next stage in gaming

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