Are We Killers?| Ori and The Blind Forest : Part 13

Welcome to another episode of Ori and The Blind Forest. In the last episode we found our way into the ruins. So this episode we explore and find out what we are here for. As always the video is at the bottom of the playthrough.

orb bounce

The ruins might look beautiful but they are also dangerous. The platforms are heated and we cannot walk or touch them. We bump into a red orb which was used by the Gumon. This orb allows us to walk on those surfaces we could not but, we have to be holding the orb.

orb placement

It also locks Ori to the ground. What might seem like upside down to the player is actually normal using this orb. After dodging some death rays we finally make it to where we are to place the orb.


This whole time our friend Gumo had been following us and is now inside the ruins with us. Sein wonders if Gumo would forgive us if he know that we caused for his species to die off. This is where the story is starting to not seem so straight forward.

Gumo Steal

We keep going and we find where we need to activate the element of the winds. As we activated them, Gumo  took the orb we had placed earlier. We aren’t too sure why at this point. We must now escape the ruins.


Just like the Ginso tree we have to escape this place in one go.The whole place is coming down and quite frankly it looks astounding. Environmental hazards are the main killer here. After sometime we manage to escape but…..

kuro nest

We find ourselves at Kuro’s nest. What awaits our young savior. You will have to wait till next time as this is where the episode ends.

Thank you for reading and for all of your support.

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