LittleRocket has been Nominated for the Liebster Award…… We glady Accept!!movies

First things first we would like to thank Transcend Gaming for nominating us. It is a great honor. Please check out their blog 🙂

There are currently three members working hard at all things LittleRocket. Ace, April(Ethereal Workshop) and CyrilMedia. We have decided to answer the questions individually.

Here are the questions:

1. When did you start your blog?

Whole Team: We started the blog towards the end of January.

2. What motivates you the most to continue blogging?

CyrilMedia: New information & the team itself

Ace: Well for me personally what motivates me is the idea that I will post something that someone out there is going to like. I treat it like a way to express myself to the world.

April: I love meeting new people via the blog. I also like being to share my experiences with others.

3. What do you like most: Anime, Video Games, or Comics?

CyrilMedia:  I like Video Games most

Ace: This is a really really hard question for me but I am going to have to go with Video Games. I absolutely love Anime and Comics, heck I spend a lot of my time watching Anime and reading Comics.

April: Video games because I find them more involving, like you are on a journey with the characters.

4. What is your goal you wish to achieve from your blog?

CyrilMedia: To get the blog to the standard that it’s a genuine opinion in the media world

Ace: The goal I have in mind is to just build a community of people who enjoy the same stuff we post about. Oh and also just the celebration of gaming.

April: To have a community of LittleRockets to game with and to just be awesome with.

5. What is you favorite movie?

CyrilMedia: The Lion King is my favourite film

Ace: Interstellar

April: That’s a tough question as there are many I like for example Kamikaze Girls and Big fish but I prefer books.

6. What kind of personality do you have?

CyrilMedia: I’m shy but cover it up by being good with words, curious, weird (maybe crazy) & genuine

Ace: I am what you would call a chilled out guy. I am really silly though, my team mates would tell you that. Also when I get excited about something I become impatient.

April: I think I am a bit crazy but I can be down to earth when I need to be and love being able to help people.

7. What hobbies do you have?

CyrilMedia: Creating media (audio & visual) & basketball

Ace: I enjoy reading comics/manga, I love watching movies and anime. I love playing games and enjoy drawing stuff. I just basically like creative things.

April: I enjoy lots of things like playing guitar, drawing, writing…just everything creative really. I also love learning things like languages in my spare time. And of course gaming!

8. Have you been to any conventions? (Anime, Games, Comics, etc.)

CyrilMedia: I have never been to a convention (April & Ace ” We are on it “)

Ace: I have been to ComiCon and Anime convention many times. Love it.

April: I often go to London Expo but would love to go to more.

9. What’s your favorite color?

Red is my favourite colour (but blue looks nicer on me ^_^)

Ace: Red by far

April: Depends on the day.

10. Who’s your favorite YouTuber? (If any)

CyrilMedia: Chris Smoove is my favourite YouTuber

Ace: Markiplier 🙂

April: I have many favorite youtubers so it is hard to narrow it down to one but TwoBestFriendsPlay will always be special to me as they were the first youtubers I was introduced to.

11. Who would win in a fight between Goku, Scorpion, and Batman?

CyrilMedia: Batman may be awesome and Scorpion pretty much lives in hell but Goku is both awesome AND has seen God enough times he just looks right with a halo masterchief would clap. GOKU wins

Ace: Batman……..because he is Batman

April: Batman

LittleRocket nominate the following :

OCCASIONALMOVIEREVIEWS – Awesome movie reviews done from a super market ^ ^

PeterWoodFilmReviews – More Awesome movie reviews

AtTheBuzzerShow – A mix match of different things to keep you entertained

JessHiderHonors – A student doing computer arts with a passion for animation

PhotoTaste – Beautiful photos and funny gifs

Here are the questions for the blogs we nominated :

DC or Marvel. Pick one

If you could be a villain who would it be ?

If you could be a super hero who would you be?

What is your favorite movie of all time?

What is your favorite animated film of all time?

Why did you start blogging?

What keeps you blogging?

What is your favorite car if you have one?

What is your favorite instrument?

What is your worst film of all time?

What is the scariest thing you have ever played/seen

Official Rules of the Liebster Award:

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