Limbo Written Review

Dark monochrome puzzle plaformer Limbo is a fantastic showcase of how simple solid controls can really help make a game an enjoyable experience. At first I thought the game would be a long playthrough but it lasted less than three hours. This made the game short, sweet and simple. Video version can be found here.



About a quarter of way through the game you will find yourself asking why. Why am I racking my brain trying to figure out this bloody puzzle? What am I going to get at the end of this? That question is answered about three quarters of the way into the game. Spoiler Alert! The character seems to be doing this to find a girl. We never find out more about her, we don’t even see her face. All we see is her back. To be fair when I saw her I instantly wanted to find out more about her. She became my pushing force to find out more.


Limbo 1

The puzzles in this game really show how much attention was paid to make them good. They are well thought out with some making the player not just think horizontally, but vertically too. Near the end of the game gravity and magnetism comes into play and timing also plays a big part in making sure your little character makes it through. One aspect of the game that I personally liked was that it felt as though the enemies in this game were not there to simply stop the player from moving forward but to actually drive the game and story forward.



The game is easy on the eyes. It is done in a monochrome style so you won’t be seeing much of a color pallet here but you won’t miss them. It is an effective style which helps create a creepy atmosphere. The music is subtle but also loud when something important is happening on screen.


Like I previously mentioned in the half way review the only issue I have with this game is sometimes the checkpoint placement can be off.

Closing comments

This is a short and sweet game. I haven’t played a good platformer with good puzzles in a while so playing this game was a welcome change. I highly recommend Limbo.

Puzzles: 8.8

Gameplay: 8.7

Presentation: 8.9

Total: 8.8/10

Limbo half way review

Well I think I am half way through the game. Welcome to my review of the dark side-scrolling platformer that I have been running through. This will be a new blog series for LittleRocket for whenever we are playing through a game. There will be a full play-through review done when I finish the game. Anyway let us get straight into the half way review.

Controls and Atmosphere

Straight away from playing just a few minutes you can tell this game is a dark and creepy game. The music is minimal but when it is playing it usually leaves you wary and not trusting of your surroundings in the game. Good then that the controls are very simple to get a hold off with button mapping familiar to other platformers that you might have played before.


Limbo 2

This is a side-scrolling puzzle game and fortunately enough the puzzles are fun head scratching ones. You really do have to pay close attention to the screen to solve some of the puzzles. If you don’t you find yourself getting frustrated at yourself and the game which I did many times. The game also likes to play tricks on the player but doesn’t punish the player too much for experimenting in order to solve the puzzle.

Checkpoint system

The game has plenty of checkpoints to make sure you don’t have to repeat too much of a puzzle. That being said there are a few puzzles that I had to redo completely because I hadn’t reached the next checkpoint.


Limbo 1

In this game so far I have faced different types of enemies like massive spiders, people and worm like creatures. By far the biggest and baddest are the spiders and the most annoying are the little worm creatures. The worms attach themselves to the player’s head and force them to go in a specific direction. This forced me to rethink how I was going to tackle a puzzle.

Closing words

I am really enjoying this game. It has fun puzzles, a creepy atmosphere and enemies you just want to smack in the face. I hope to finish the game next week so that I can publish a full review of the game. Till then enjoy the play-through videos I have done on the YouTube channel. Thanks for reading.