Sunset Overdrive Quick Look Impressions

I thought it might be cool if I wrote about my experience with the quick look on Sunset Overdrive. I loved everything about this game. It felt like I was on a joyride with so many attractions and things to do.



 Movement plays a very big part in this game. I heard that you could actually go from one side of the city to the other without having to touch the ground. This would take some skill, skill I have yet to acquire since I haven’t played much of the game. What I did play I enjoyed. It was fun jumping and bouncing around off objects in order to move forward.



This game is all about the slapstick humor. From the small things like text written on a train telling you to go home or the comic book like words that spring up when an explosion happens. It just shows this game is wacky, fun and doesn’t take itself seriously. I mean I was able to put facial hair on my female character….I don’t even remember the last game that allowed this if there has ever been one.



I was only given the opportunity to play around with a few weapons and by their designs I could tell that the more I play this game the crazier the weapons would become.

Everything about this game feels fresh to me and a welcome addition to my collection. I will be playing through this game soon so watch this space for more Sunset Overdrive content.

You can watch the quick look on the blog here or on our YouTube channel. Thanks for reading.

Forza 5 Written Review

Video Review

Video version found here

As Forza 6 was announced not too long ago, I have decided to do a review for Forza 5. It is Turn 10’s first title to launch on the next generation consoles and it has gained many things from this leap. Well let’s get straight into it.




First things first let’s talk about graphics. This game is leaps and bounds above its predecessor. The amount of time it must have taken to put so much detail on these cars must have been excruciating for the developers.This is literal car porn and the game shows no shame in showing off its bits. I found myself spending a lot of time not racing but just simply looking at the cars.

There are more than 200 cars in the game ranging from exotics, muscle, 4x4s and many more. In the previous game it only allowed you to view a small collection of cars up close and personal with Forza Vista. In this game all the cars can now be viewed inside out.


The Forza favorites are present here especially with the Nurburgring that was added for free after launch. Apart from those there are some new tracks that you can skid around in your 1 million pound Lamborghini. The tracks look good with a few of them at different times of the day just to show of the lighting in the game.


Handling System

Each and every car is distinct. You can really tell that the racing engine have evolved over the years since Forza 1. The Xbox One controller aids you in really feeling out the car through the corners. This is thanks to the rumble in the triggers.

Game Modes\Features


There is a rivals system in this game which pits you up against people near you or on the leaderboard. I personally thought it was a simple well thought out system which helped to spice up each race. I found myself going up against my brother quite a few times and when I did beat him, the bragging rights were awesome. There is a rivals game mode in multiplayer which I will talk about a little later.

The AI cars on the track are not your usual preprogrammed, race line following, stubborn lot. Using the power of the cloud the game sends up information about each player (you included) to be processed and assigned to what the game calls a drivatar. This is basically a digital you. It is supposed to drive like you do and react the way you do. This is a way to make races more dynamic.

Car Customization

I have always praised Forza over the years for how many customization options the game gives you and it is no different here. Forza has either the best or one of the best paint job tools I have ever seen in any racing game. Over the years I have seen people create artwork on their car that you would expect to see done in Photoshop…..yes it is that good.

Top Gear

The added commentary from the Top gear presenters brings a nice familiar touch to the game. I myself am a big fan of Top Gear so I welcomed this when they introduced it in earlier games.


As subtly mentioned before there are many game modes you can embark with people from around the world. There is the usual affair of circuit races but you also have drag races and some other custom game modes for you to check out. The rivals multiplayer mode also hosts weekly challenges and events. The game makes sure you always have something to do.


If you want to hear just how good this game sounds, go watch the video at the top. The menu music in this game might not be for everyone as it sounds like it belongs in a Christopher Nolan film. I personally like it.

The Bad

Auction House

With every new iteration on new consoles, comes less content and Forza suffers this same fate. One major thing is the auction house. In previous games this was a gateway to the world. You could buy designs, cars and other little things. It is a feature I felt enriched the experience so much. Hopefully it will be back in the next game.


DLC seems to have a mixed reception with games. Some people don’t mind it and some absolutely hate it. I personally didn’t mind it all these years because all the games I played didn’t lock down content that was available in the previous games. Sadly this has happened in Forza. Some cars that I previously used in previous games are now locked behind a DLC label.

Closing Comments

All in all I personally feel this is a great game. There is a good amount of content here to keep anyone going for hours on end. You might be sad about the loss of some franchise favorites but I don’t think it is a game breaking reduction. My score is a 8.7/10