Journey With A Stranger


Today we decided to do things a little differently. Instead of the usual line up of games we play we decided to revisit an old master piece. You can experience this game with us here.

Journey Thumbnail

The game is easy on the eyes and soft to the ears. It takes its time to set a scene and demands the player to take things slow in order to enjoy the experience. After we are introduced to the landscape and our character we traverse up a small hill of this rich golden sand which we have to say looks amazing.

grave star

These sand dunes seem to hold some sort of secret. Are those metal shards graves? What is the shooting star that seems to come from the mountain far far away.


We walk to a glyph which frees this little floating beings. This is when the mechanic of the scarf is revealed, and the beings make our scarf grow. The scarf allows us to float and fly.


As appetizing as the landscape looks you cannot venture too far from the beaten path, as the game gently blows a wind to put you back on track.


Ruins of a forgotten civilization are scattered everywhere, and opening some passageways lets more of those beings free. They resemble pieces of the character’s scarf.

new world

We are faced with many bright lights which seem like gateways to another land. We enter one of the gateways which leads us to a new place. Opening the passageways that we find in this new place, frees some more of these strange beings. These ones resemble stingrays.

two player

After following one through the dunes and freeing more of its friends, we find out that the world we just ran into was actually that of someone else’s. We had engaged the co-op function in the game.

two fun

With our new friend we traveled through the dunes and we found ourselves at some very large structures.


A sand storm was circulating them so we had to figure out what we were supposed to do in this section. After jumping around and trying different things I found my way to the top of a building ( with the help of our sting ray friends ). I activated a glyph and the game showed us a short cinematic which explained a little bit of the story.


After the cut scene I simply let my character sit and rest as this is where the episode ends.

Thank you for reading and for all of the support.

Don’t forget. Keep being awesome