Was It All Worth It In The End ? | Life is Strange Episode 3 Final

Welcome everyone to the last part of our Life is Strange playthrough. This last part we believe is probably one of the best sections of the series so far. As always you can watch it at the bottom of the post.

part 2 episode 3

Last part we we fled and spent the night at Chloe’s. Max and Chloe discuss Rachel and young love. We need to get dressed but our clothes still smell of chlorine. Chloe suggests we wear Rachel’s old clothes. Chloe admits that she had a crush on Rachel and that she thinks Rachel and Max are the quite similar. The conversation takes an interesting turn when Chloe dares us to kiss her, which we do.


We get a text from Kate who is really grateful for what we did on the roof. We were just happy that she was alright. We aren’t too sure if she is going to return or not though. Max goes downstairs and helps Chloe’s mum make us some breakfast. There is so much to look at in this game that we simply cannot even write about all of it. Freakishly enough there are dead birds littered in the garden. We think our powers are destroying the world around us.


After finding the ingredients for breakfast we sit and chow down. Chloe’s mum shows us some old pictures of Chloe and Max when they were young. Chloe’s family is still very much grieving the lose of William Chloe’s father. While Chloe distracts her mum Max goes to the garage to see if we could find out anymore information about Rachel.


We look around the garage and find David’s computer password. All we find on his computer are some disturbing stalker information about Blackwell students. David returns in a bad mood and starts a fight. We are given the opportunity to bring out all the things we have found. It doesn’t end well as Chloe’s mum asks David to sleep at a hotel that night. It seems like a small victory for us.


Our next mission is to find out more information from Frank. To get this information we have to get into his RV. He has a guard dog so Max has to think of another way. Max has to use her powers to get the key from Frank who is eating in the Diner.


Max’s power lets us mess around a little with Frank. We get to use our powers to get information from the officer and Nathan by rewinding time after getting some clues. Eventually we get the keys from Frank and get into the RV by distracting the dog.


The RV has some secrets if you look hard enough and we find out that Rachel was seriously involved with Frank. Chloe felt betrayed by this information and decides to throw a tantrum. We leave the RV and head back to school. She drops us off at school to which we return to our room. Max takes some time to think things over and looks at the old picture of her and Chloe.


Max can hear things from the photo. As if she was looking into the distant past. After little mini game Max travels back, all the way back to when William (Chloe’s mum’s husband) was still alive. Throughout the playthrough of the game we have been told that when William died, the whole family changed. Max wants to save William from dying. William died because he was going to pick up Chloe’s mum from the groceries store. He was then involved in a car accident.


Max has to hide the car keys from him. We manage to hid them and convince William to take the bus. The future begins to change. Of course this is always a bad idea. Max comes back to an all too different future. She is part of the cool kids groups. Warren falls for Stella and not Max. David becomes the school bus driver. This isn’t the biggest and most shocking change.


We take the bus to Chloe’s house. There are dead whales on the shore of our beach. When we get there William opens the door. Max is happy as she feels like she accomplished what she wanted to. The universe always finds a way to bring back balance. Because William didn’t die Chloe became seriously ill. This future is not what we wanted and it is certainly not what Max wanted. The story telling in this game has gotten so great. We truly felt dread for what we did. This is where this episode ends.

Thank you for reading and for all of your support.

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