What do you do with a man with no fear?…. Call him Daredevil.


Here we have one of Netflix’s most recent projects (in partnership with Marvel), another original series, Daredevil. Im sure we are all, if not mostly, now believe in the power of Netflix and this series only helps them dominate the streaming world. This series displays the life of the New York vigilante during his semi pre-vigilante days.

Fully taking a leaf out the previous incarnation of Daredevil (2003 film) the series keeps the high octane action, which is actually realistic violence in this current version, combined with the conflicting emotional struggles vigilante types go through before and as they choose the path.

daredevil-on-netflixAs obvious as the story may be, the series presents the Daredevil tale with a brilliant modern flare that incorporates a host of characters in a situation ( good or bad) that is plausible for the kind of show. From the well choreographed fight scenes to the incentive plot that leads you on with each episode. Like all things with original incarnations some characters may not meet the required taste of viewers; but  after the 5.1 (out of 10) rating from IMDb for the 2003 film, this series rating of 9.1 seems justified. It is that good. Bruce Wayne would approve.

Best of all Netflix has all the episodes ready to watch.

As always more to follow on the series as news is released

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Kept You Waiting Huh!! Weekly News 2nd March – 8th March

Welcome to a blog post series where we recap all the news from the past week that we found interesting or wanted to share with everyone.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Release Date

This week it was revealed that the next iteration of Metal Gear Solid would be released 1st September 2015. That date is for consoles and the PC version will release two weeks later 😦 Why Kojima why??!! Also Kojima also said that this will be the last one in the series. Do we believe him? I don’t know only time will tell as Kojima is a notorious troll.

Unreal Engine 4 is FREE!!!

For all you developers who were having doubts about opting to use Unreal Engine 4 because of its price, doubt no more. The game development engine is now free. This includes full access to all the c++ code as well. The only thing that Epic Games asks of you is that you pay 5% royalty on the gross revenue following the first $3,000 per product, per quarter. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal to us.

Street Fighter 5 Release Date…Kinda

Capcom has stated that the next Street Fighter game will be released sometime next spring. To remind everyone though the game is only in development for PC and PS4. So Xbox One owners won’t have the opportunity to play this great fighting game on their consoles sadly, but hey that’s gaming.

Leonard Nimoy

On a side not that is unrelated to gaming news. We know there has already been many tributes done for the passing of this great man last week Friday but we have yet to publicly send out our condolences to Leanard Nimoy’s family. He was a great man and an inspiration to all of us as we all grew watching Star Trek. His final tweet read :

” A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP “

Truly a great man. You will forever be in our memories. Live Long And Prosper