Get The Band Together | Sunset Overdrive : Part 18

Welcome to another episode of Sunset Overdrive. There will only be two more posts after this one for this game. As always you can watch the playthrough at the bottom of the post.


The episode kicks off with a slap in the face. Seems we angered our cheerleader overlords. They weren’t too happy about the sword and just wanted us to leave. After talking to one of the kids he tells us a way to get on the good side of esperanza (cheerleader boss). We need to get a band together to perform for the children.


We grind across the city to pick up Wendy who is good with guitars. When we arrive to her location, she agrees to join the band.The only issue is that she is on a boat and she can’t swim. We have to tow her boat back to land while fighting off hordes of OD. As usual this game is hectic and fun.


We help her out and we now need a drummer. Sam is next. When we arrive we are asked to get some drums from a van nearby. This of course alerts the OD and a fight begins. This fight is different though as we have to bounce on all the drums in the area to get rid of all the OD.


After getting Sam on the team we then need a singer. In sunset City there is a celebrity from a band called the Melvins. We find him and after fan-girling out for a bit he agrees to join the band. This brings the whole band together. This is where the episode ends.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all of your support.

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Forging A Blade Has Never Been So Fun | Sunset Overdrive : Part 17

After a long long hiatus we have finally returned to Sunset City. Our return surely is a magnificent one. We had forgotten just how much fun this game can be. In this episode we are tasked with impressing the baseball bat wielding cheerleaders. Instead we were the ones who were impressed.

The mission starts out as any other mission. We clear out some OD while trying to get to the top one of the power plant’s cooling towers. Our actual mission is to forge a sword. We knew that the sword was going to be awesome simply by how we are tasked to forge it.


We literally have to hammer down on the metal multiple times after jumping hundreds of meters into the air. Once the job is done we get what we can call Excalibur on steroids, the blade breaths fire. We get to test it out on all of the enemy types and we even get to suck out the souls out of some soul-less robots. All of this still isn’t enough to impress the cheerleaders as they reject the sword. Hey we don’t complain. We get to keep it 🙂 That is where this awesometacular episode ends. If you would like to watch us play it check out the link below.

Sunset Overdrive Part : 17