What new titles are you looking out for at PAX East this year?

Pax-East-logoUnlike other industry conventions such as GDC and E3, PAX East (and PAX Prime) are more focused on those who enjoy gaming, game culture, and wish to celebrate it with over 60,000 of their closest friends. There are a multitude of game companies with a presence at PAX East, from huge developers like Square and 343 to single-person indie companies. All of them are there to interact with the public, and to show off their games. Many companies have playable versions of their games running on every imaginable platform, including Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, iOS, Android, and current gen systems.

Looking to find out what titles are being displayed to the public this year? click the links below to find out more

What is PAX?: http://east.paxsite.com/what-is-pax

Schedule: http://east.paxsite.com/schedule

more updates on PAX are sure to follow

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